Today's Manufactured Home/Home Owner:

Over one million Georgians live in manufactured homes.

Less than 6% of manufactured homes are ever moved from their original site.

The average price of a manufactured home in Georgia is $48,800 without land. Nationally based on the average sales price, the cost per square foot for a manufactured home is $32.77 compared to $75.68 of a site-built home because a manufactured home is constructed in a factory under a controlled environment. Manufactured homes are built with virtually the same materials as site-built homes.

Over 60% of manufactured homes are placed on private property.

Today's manufactured home is comparable in appearance to a site-built home. Amenities include fireplaces, walk-in closets, hardwood floors, bay windows, modern kitchens with islands and large bathrooms with garden tubs.

The median household income of Georgia's manufactured home owner is $24,111.

88% of manufactured homeowners report satisfaction with the manufactured housing lifestyle.

Manufactured homes are constructed and inspected in accordance with strict federal building standards - the HUD code - the only national building code for single-family homes.

Nationally, in 2001, the estimated economic impact from manufactured housing was $20.1 billion. The economic impact reflects the economic activity generated by the production and sale of a home – this includes salaries, goods purchased and auxiliary services.

Manufactured Housing Industry's Economical Impact in Georgia:

Almost 13,000 manufactured homes were produced in Georgia in 2004.

In 2004, Georgia was the fifth-leading producer of manufactured homes in the United States. Georgia has ranked in the top five for seventeen years.

Fourteen plants are actively producing manufactured homes in Georgia.

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